Grape Harvest is Finally Here

Time to Make Wine

The time has arrived!  We are bringing California to you.  We have the list of grapes that will be available to make wine at home from fresh California grapes.

The varietals are as follows:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, and Muscat.  Each box weighs 36 lbs and 2 boxes will make approximately 5 gallons or up to 30 bottles of goodness.  Never made wine from fresh fruit before?  No worries, our wine club UnCorked will be coordinating a time in which everyone can process grapes with other wine makers.

Boxes are $50.00 per and it will be delivered to Perfect Brewing Supply September 23 thru the 25th. This year we have invested in new equipment to make the process much easier and more efficient for everyone. Deadline for orders is September 16th.

For more information call or email the store at



Equipment Rental

Jaffrey Combo Press and Crusher

One Day Rental  $35.00

Weekend Rental  $70.00

Fruit Crusher

Mini Crusher Rental Per Hour  $15.00

Mini Crusher Rental Per Day    $35.00

#30 Fruit Press

Press Rental Per Hour $15.00

Press Rental Per Day  $35.00


Weekend Rental  $50.00

T-500 Boiler

Weekend Rental $50.00

Floor Corker

1 Day Rental $30.00

Weekend is Friday till Sunday Before Noon

Daily Rental is Noon – Noon

A $75.00 cleaning fee will be added if equipment is not cleaned when returned