Beer Gas and Tank Refills

Several beer gas cylinders with Perfect Brewing Supply logo on them

CO2 Tank Refills

Steel refillable CO2 tank
CO2 Tank

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Perfect is “Do you refill Co2 tanks?” The answer to that question is yes! Just bring in your tank and we will refill it for you. We do not exchange CO2 tanks or cylinders. We only refill them, assuming the tank is “In Test”. On all CO2 tanks, there is a test-date engraved. The engraving will have the month and year of the last test (for example if the tank was last tested in February of 2016, it would have a “02 – 16” engraving near the top of the cylinder). It should look something like the image.

The tank pictured above is safe to be refilled until 5 years from that test date (08/15). So when August of 2020 rolls around, this tank will either need to be replaced or brought to one of several locations to be tested. If the tank passes the test, it will be marked with a new test date. Be sure to check this date before bringing your tank in for a refill.

If you are looking to bring in a 20 lb. tank for a refill, we ask that you please call in advance. This is just to ensure that we will have plenty of CO2 on hand for others to fill their tanks as well.

Nitrogen / Beer Gas Tank Exchange

Another type of gas that we offer is Nitrogen / Beer Gas. It is a blend of CO2 and Nitrogen. Many home brewers serve their beer using a Nitrogen tank in order to provide an extra creamy, smooth, luscious mouthfeel to their beers (think Guiness, but we enjoy just about any type of beer on Nitro). We do not refill Nitrogen tanks. We only exchange them. If you do not have a Nitrogen tank, we also offer them for purchase, which you can then bring back in for exchange (for a fee) when your tank runs empty.

In order to start serving your beer on Nitro, you will need a couple other pieces of equipment aside from the cylinder itself:

1. Nitrogen Regulator: Your CO2 Regulator will not fit onto a Nitro tank. They are outfitted differently. Nitrogen Regulators are designed to handle much higher pressures compared to CO2 Regulators.

2. Nitrogen Faucet (AKA Stout Faucet): We highly recommend serving your Nitro beers through a Nitrogen/Stout faucet. These faucets contain a small internal plate with tiny holes that the beer is forced through. The plate is designed to knock the CO2 out of solution, which then leads to that beautiful cascading effect pictured below:

Beer in with glass with nitro gas
Beer with nitro gas

We are here to help with all your brewing needs – have a question about Beer Gas or something else? Just drop us a line, give us a call or hit us up on Facebook.

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