Blonde Ambition - PBS Kit All Grain

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Make your own Blonde Ale
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Note: If you have a specific yeast request to be included with this kit please add it in the comments section of your order.

This Beer is for all the ambitious brewers out there. If you are looking for a crowd pleaser or just want a simple easy drinking, porch rocking, beer to drink, than look no further. The Blonde Ambition is a great balance of malts, hops, and yeast, with a smooth finish.

Style : Blond Ale

Steeping Grains : Munich Light / Vienna / Red Wheat

Extracts : Pilsen Light

Hops : Simcoe

Yeast : Omega West Coast or other Neutral American Ale Strains

Hop Additions:

.5 oz Simcoe at 60 mins
.5 oz Simcoe at 10 min

Target Original Gravity : 1.046
Target Final Gravity : 1.011
Target IBUs : 23.5
Color : 3.16 SRM
Target ABV : 4.6%
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