Chicago Steam - PBS Kit **ALL GRAIN**

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Note: If you have a specific yeast request to be included with this kit please add it in the comments section of your order.

This recipe is our take on an American West Coast Original. Fermented with a lager yeast, but one that’s selected to thrive at the cool end of normal ale fermentation temperatures. This brew has a slightly malty flavor. It features the Northern Brewer hop, which has a woody and earthy aroma, and showcases a light copper color and a slightly fruity flavor with toasted caramel notes.

Style : Hybrid Ale / California Common

Hops : Northern Brewer

Yeast : WY2112 California Lager or SafLager W34/70

Hop Additions:

1 oz Northern Brewer at 60 mins
.5 oz Northern Brewer at 15 mins
.5 oz Northern Brewer at 1 min

Target Original Gravity : 1.052
Target Final Gravity : 1.012
Target IBUs : 46
Color : 11.75 SRM
Target ABV : 5.2%
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