Downtown to Brown Town- PBS Kit **ALL GRAIN**

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Note: If you have a specific yeast request to be included with this kit please add it in the comments section of your order.
A perfect beer to always have on hand; this brown ale beer kit has a light, sweet and malty aroma. It’s paired with a touch of toffee, nutty and caramel notes with a subtle reddish brown color.

Style : English Brown Al

Hops : Target

Yeast : WY1028 London Ale or Omega British Ale V, or Danstar Windsor

Hop Additions:

.5 oz Target at 60 mins
.5 oz Target at 10 mins

Target Original Gravity : 1.046
Target Final Gravity : 1.010
Target IBUs : 26
Color : 16.7 SRM
Target ABV : 4.6%
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