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A tried and true stout, named for a great customer who has brewed this recipe countless times. This stout has a mild roast aroma with a hint of coffee and oatmeal. The color is a dark brown, but not too dark, with a silky mouth feel. Any time is a good time to have one of Ed’s Favorite Oatmeal Stouts!

Style : Oatmeal Stout

Steeping Grains : Caramel 80L, 2-Row Pale, Midnight Wheat, Flaked Oats

Extracts : Golden Light

Hops : East Kent Goldings

Yeast : WY1968 London ESB, Omega British VIII

Hop Additions:

1 oz East Kent Goldings at 60 mins
1 oz East Kent Goldings at 15 mins

Target Original Gravity : 1.060
Target Final Gravity : 1.014
Target IBUs : 23
Color : 31.5 SRM
Target ABV : 6%
Mash Temperature: 155*F
Mash Time: 60mins
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