Mosaic CryoHop Pellet 1 oz

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cryo hops
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Use Cryo hops to impart intense levels of hop flavor and aroma with less vegetal matter. Dosing is typically 50% less than a typical hop pellet (1 oz of Cryo Hops = 2 oz of hop pellets).

Breeding/Development: USA. Known as HBC 369 until its release in 2012, Mosaic® is a new variety from the Hop Breeding Company, LLC. It is a daughter of Simcoe and a Nugget-derived male.

Brewing Application: Mosaic® is often compared to an amplified Citra®, with which it shares a respectable alpha content but a highly-desired oil profile as well. This unique oil profile makes it most commonly used for flavor and aroma. Its exotic, fruit-laden bouquet lends itself well to American-style IPAs, saisons, wheats, and Brettanomyces-fermented beers.

Sensory: Complex and pronounced. Strong impressions of citrus oil, balsam pine, blueberry, peach and tropical fruit. Notable mango character, but also shades of lime and mandarin orange.

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