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This Kit Does Not come with Yeast. Select one of the Options Below if you need yeast.

Some of us crave delicious hops all day long, but many IPAs are too high in alcohol to be considered “session-able”. This recipe was built just to satisfy our desire to drink hoppy beer from the start of brew day, all the way through clean up. With all the flavor and aroma of a standard IPA, but a fraction of the alcohol, this hoppy ale is just what the doctor ordered. The juicy hops are balanced by the perfect amount of caramel malt, with a dry finish that invites you back for another sip.. or gulp.

Style : 'Session' IPA

Steeping Grains : Caramel 20L

Extracts : Golden Light

Hops : Warrior, Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe

Yeast : WY1272 American Ale II or Omega West Coast Ale

Hop Additions:
.5 oz Warrior at 60 mins
1 oz Centennial at 15 mins
1 oz Amarillo at 0 mins
1 oz Simcoe at 0 mins
.5 oz Warrior at 0 mins
(Let the 0 minute addition steep for 15-20 mins before chilling the wort)

1 oz Amarillo at dry hop
1 oz Simcoe at dry hop
1 oz Centennial at dry hop

Target Original Gravity : 1.052-1.054
Target Final Gravity : 1.012-1.014
Target IBUs : 47
Color : 8.8 SRM
Target ABV : 5.4-5.6%
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