Saisonale Hoppy Saison - PBS Kit

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Saisonale is a delicious, hoppy wheat saison. We never expected the two key ingredients to marry so well, but they really did. Citra hops meet French saison yeast and a beautiful thing is born.

Style : Hoppy Saison

Steeping Grains : Cara Vienna

Extracts : Pilsen Light, Bavarian Wheat

Hops : Citra

Yeast : WY3711 French Saison or Omega French Saison or SafAle BE-134

Hop Additions:

1 oz Citra at 20 mins
1 oz Citra at 10 mins
2 oz Citra at 0 min

Target Original Gravity : 1.037
Target Final Gravity : 1.003
Target IBUs : 31 IBU
Color : 5 SRM
Target ABV : 4.5%
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