How to turn a Juice bucket into amazing wine step by step instructions.

Day of Juice Pick Up 1. Check to make sure you have all your equipment. We sell Wine making starter kits that has everything you need. 2. Clean and sanitize all your winemaking tools, supplies and equipment 3. Transfer the must (your unfermented wine) to your fermenter. 4. During the transfer, add Potassium Metabisulfate solution […]

Próst! How to Ferment a Lager Beer

Lager beers are making a comeback in the world of craft beer and as a home-brewer you have the ability to make stunning lagers that can be hard to find in the commercial beer world.   This is a step by step guide on how to ferment your lager beer along with some tips and tricks […]

Blending Wine Grapes to make Burgundy and Claret Wines

A proper balance of alcohol, acid and PH level is essential to make a fine wine that will not spoil. A lot of California grapes tend to be sweet enough to make a sufficient amount of alcohol but they tend to have low acid levels. If you do not use various commercial acid additives, blend into the […]

Step by Step Instructions for Bottling your Home-brew

Step 1:Prepare your Priming Sugar Boil 5 ounces of priming sugar in 2 cups of water and stir it to dissolve. Allow the solution to cool and gently pour it into your bottling bucket. Remember, everything must be sanitized. Step 2: Rack your Beer to the bottling bucket Rack your beer into your bottling bucket […]

Make your Wine Extraordinary with Oak Chips, Cubes, and Sticks.

Make your wine stunning by adding oak to your wine makers arsenal. There are several types of wood from different regions of the world to add to your wine. Each oak type will offer different levels of oak intensity as well as different flavors to your wine. There are also different forms of this wood; […]

Wine Juice vs Grapes: Which is Right for Me

Harvest season is an exciting time at Perfect Brewing Supply!  Every Autumn we look forward to fresh grapes arriving from Northern California and every Spring we receive Juice buckets from the southern hemisphere.  This raises the question what should I choose whole grapes, or Juice Buckets? Check out our video to help you decide if […]

Blending Beer for Complexity, Consistency & Fun

Breweries have been blending beers for centuries. It is believed to be the most effective way to achieve consistency in complex beer styles such as sour and barrel aged beers. Many large-scale breweries even blend their more “standard” beers to have a more consistent product from batch to batch. Off Color’s Troublesome is a year-round […]

The Kegerator Arcade Build

This project was a ton of fun to build, but it will also teach me to keep my mouth shut when I am just spouting off about cool ideas in the presence of my wife. With that said, before I go any further I need to thank a few people who without their help this […]

Brewing Big Beers with Small Equipment

When brewing at home, I am very limited due to the small amount of open space in my apartment, and zero outdoor space to set up a propane burner. Therefore, my brewing set up is somewhat minimal. I use two pots, one to hold my strike water (which then acts as my boil kettle) and […]

Lessons in Brewing Brut IPA

The sound of a bone dry, effervescent, hop-forward beer is very appealing to me. As soon as I heard of this new style of IPA, I knew I had to try brewing it. Apart from THIS ARTICLE (which wasn’t published until after my first attempt at the style), there is not a whole lot of […]