Big Brew 2017!

Big Brew 2017

Celebrate National Homebrew Day

Celebrations Held Worldwide on May 6

National Homebrew Day is almost here! Once again, we will be hosting a Big Brew party here in our back room and parking lot on Saturday May 6th starting at 8am. Last year was a blast and we expect nothing less in 2017. If you are interested in joining us for an awesome brew day, please EMAIL US HERE to RSVP or call us at 847-816-7055. You do not have to brew in order to attend, but if you plan on bringing your set up and brewing, please include that info in your RSVP. Whether you’re brewing or not, you don’t want to miss the worldwide toast at Noon!

At noon Central time, homebrewers raise their glasses of homebrewed ales and lagers for a simultaneous toast to the congressionally recognized hobby that hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe enjoy. More than 8,000 beer enthusiasts from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia are expected to participate this year.

Come out and brew with your friends at Perfect Brewing Supply! Bring your gear and show everyone your awesome setup and together we can brew the 3 official recipes (Rushmore IPA, Battre L’oie Saison, Klang Freudenfest Oktoberfest Lager), or brew what ever you want, and share some homebrews. All ingredients for batches will be sold at a discount for this spectacular event. Come on out and share the joy of homebrewing with friends, strangers, and your friendly local homebrew store guys! Saturday, May 6 starting at 8 AM

Perfect Brewing Supply will supply:

Water for chilling and clean up

Electricity if needed

Refrigeration space may be limited



What each brewer should bring:                                                  

Brewing Water

Snacks or Homebrew to share

Something to brew

Equipment to brew with


10 x 10 tent may come in handy, space is limited

Folding chairs